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A War Diary of the Nation’s First Dedicated Night Carrier

Air Groups / Squadrons


VF-46Text Box: “Fighting Forty Six”  Hellcat pilot
Lt. Angus “Gus” T. Morrison alongside his damaged F6F. 
Midair contact with his Japanese adversary left his wing leading edge slightly modified !

VF-46    Fighting Forty Six was deployed aboard the USS Independence CVL-22 from 13 March 1945 through 14 June 1945.

Air Group CVLG-46 was  comprised of VF-46 and sister squadron VT-46.

Pilots training in front of a F4U "Corsair".

Most were assigned to VF-46 assembled at Atlantic City, NJ.


Back Row: Lawrence N. Jones, Carleton T. Jones, Unknown - Flight Instructor, K. Bywater.


Front Row: Jack Rivers, Billy R. Apgar, J. E. Bender, Robert D. Flodquist.

 Flying off the USS Independence in early June 1945, LT (jg) Billy Robert Apgar would not return home to his family from the war in the vast Pacific. — at Green Cove Springs, FL