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A War Diary of the Nation’s First Dedicated Night Carrier

Air Groups / Squadrons


VT(N)-41   US Navy Night Torpedo Squadron Forty One was deployed aboard the USS Independence CVL-22 from 6 July 1944 through

10 February 1945.  Air Group CVLG(N)-41 was  comprised of VT(N)-41 and sister squadron VF(N)-41.

VT(N)-41 radar equipped “Avenger” just catapulted from the flight deck of the

USS Independence CVL-22.


“Avenger aircrew: Left to Right;

Gunner - Howard Perry,  Radioman - George L. Franke Jr.,  Pilot - Donald M. Linton

“Avenger aircrew: Left to Right;

Strafford Eugene Hardwick -AMM3c, Robert J. Metalko - S1c, Robert Joseph Doane - AOM3c

George Lawrance Franke Jr. - ARM3cHoward Francis Murphy - ARM3c

Stafford E. Hardwick    Lt(jg) John E. Dewis            Robert S. Barnes

     Turret Gunner                             Pilot                    Radar Operator & Dorsal Gunner